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December 30, 2021 by No Comments

— The long lines at COVID testing sites are hitting the bottom line of some local businesses.

Two bars had to close for a few days because of COVID cases among staff – and trouble finding tests over the holiday weekend. 

Locally-owned businesses have faced a lot of challenges already during the pandemic – shut downs, loss of income and staff shortages. 

Despite many businesses needing the holiday sales during the pandemic economy, two local businesses had to keep their doors closed for a few days because staff were unable to get COVID tests in time to open.

Neuse River Brewing & Brasserie stayed closed Sunday because their staff were unable to get a COVID-19 test in time.

“While we were so looking forward to seeing all your faces today, we have made the difficult decision to remain closed as some of our essential staff were unable to receive a COVID test over the holidays in time to open,” they wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday morning.

Owners Jennifer and Ryan Kolarov said one employee had tested positive. They made the difficult choice to close their doors while waiting for the staff to get tested.

“It’s a gutting feeling when we’ve already gone through so much,” said Jennifer. To feel like you’ve made it out to the other side, then to be thrown back into it … it’s frustrating. It hurts.”

Now, the test results are coming in, and the brewery plans to reopen Wednesday night.

Hoppy Endings, a bar and bottle shop in Raleigh, also had to close for a few days – even though their door reads “open ever darn day.”

Owners Lydia and Damian Horne, despite being vaccinated and boosted, both got sick with COVID.

Damian started feeling sick Christmas Day and went looking for a test – and nothing was available.

When they eventually gained access to a home test and an appointment at Walgreens, the tests showed they were both positive. They decided to close their bottle shop down and get their staff tested.

They closed Sunday and stayed closed through Monday – because their employees struggled to find tests.

To close for two straight days, right after Christmas, is no small thing.

“This is a big time for us, right up to the New Year,” said Damian. But he says they believe in people’s health over their financial gain.

On Tuesday, Hoppy Endings was “openish.” With limited staff, they were open …….



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